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About us


At New Life Treatment Center we strive to provide the highest quality
of treatment available to clients suffering from chemical dependency.

We offer two distinct, yet overlapping  programs.  Clients are able to
choose the program they want and are not pressured one way or the

The Traditional 12-Step Program is based on the 12 steps of AA, NA
and GA.  The emphasis is on the Alcoholic's Anonymous, Narcotics
Anonymous and Gambler’s Anonymous programs and addiction therapy.  

The Christian 12-Step Program is a Christ-centered, Biblical approach
to recovery. It uses a Christian 12-step emphasis.  

The Traditional 12-Step Program and the Christian 12-Step program are
offered together in blended groups.  Each client may choose which
program best meets their needs.  Each client may decide at any time to
move to the other treatment program.

It starts with a phone call.  We have caring, professional staff on call 24
hours a day.  Call us today at 507-777-4321.