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A new journey begins here...

New Life Treatment Center


     On admission to our program, each client is assessed for physical health (inpatient clients receive a physical examination) along with interviews to determine present physical and psychological health.

     Each client is assigned to a qualified professional counselor who will guide the client through an individualized treatment program.  

Together, they will work toward the recognition of the problems caused by chemical dependency—physical, emotional, social, mental and spiritual. Clients go to at least two individual counseling sessions per week where their individual issues are identified and addressed.


     New Life Treatment Center's program, approximately 30-45 days in length, is set-up for individual needs and goals in a quiet rural setting with home-like surroundings.  The primary purpose of New
Life Treatment Center is to assist each client on the road to a life of recovery from chemical dependency by gaining knowledge and understanding the facets of their dependency. The program used is based on the 12 steps of AA, with the clients completing at least steps 1-5 while in treatment.
     The treatment process confronts issues with gentle, nurturing dignity.  As people grow through recovery, a new freedom and joy— a “new life” - in living are experienced.  The shame and guilt that had been so pervasive drop away and are replaced by inner peace and a desire to give to others.  Relationships flourish.  Sharing becomes a joy.  Recovery becomes self-perpetuating and growth continues in directions unimagined.  Sobriety is experienced as much or more than abstinence.  This is the vision held out to those walking in a new- found strength in recovery at New Life Treatment Center.

Components of the Treatment Program include:

  *     Evaluation
  *     Individual sessions
  *     Client groups
  *     Lectures
  *     Films/videos
  *     Physical recreation
  *     Relaxation
  *     A.A./N.A.
  *     Family Therapy       
  *     Discharge and aftercare plans

     Dual diagnosis clients are accepted if mental health issues are being addressed independently and do not interfere with chemical dependency treatment goals. Every week, we open our facility to family members (ages 12 and up) to encourage them to participate in individual counseling, family groups, lectures, and videos.

Service Fees

     New Life Treatment Center is a non-profit organization operated by a Board of Directors.  Donated funds from individuals, businesses, organizations and churches permit New Life Treatment Center to offer services for reasonable fees.  Fees for services may be covered by private funds, insurance and public funds.  A down payment is required for admission to programs by all self-pay clients.  New Life Treatment Center holds a host county contract for services for Consolidated Funding with Pipestone County, enabling New Life Treatment Center to serve all counties in Minnesota.  New Life Treatment Center is fully licensed for service by the State of Minnesota Department of Health.

  Public Assistance coverage is accepted, however, New Life Treatment Center is not a Medicare provider. Insurance coverage will be verified before admission. Follow-up care for New Life Treatment Center clients will be included for an extra charge.

    To seek help or make a referral, call New Life Treatment Center at 507-777-4321.

     Rules for acceptance and participation in our program are the same for everyone regardless of race, color, sex, handicap or national origin.


Number of Beds Available ------ 21
Detox Available:------Yes
Night Admission Available:------ No
Weekend Admission Available: ------ No
Face-to-Face interview before admission:------ No
Public Assistance Coverage Accepted: ------ Yes
Medicare Coverage Accepted: ------ No
Insurance Verification before admission: ------Yes
Follow-up care for clients: ------ Yes
Licensing Authority: ------ Minnesota Dept of Health
Type of License:------Supervised Living Facility / Class A&B Beds