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New Life Treatment Center

Items to Bring to Treatment

Many people preparing to come to New Life Treatment Center for treatment are uncertain of what they should bring.  This list will help you prepare for coming to treatment.  You are always welcome to call if you have questions.

·  Clothing

Dress is casual, jeans, t-shirts, sweatshirts. Tennis shoes for walks or recreation. Clothing should be modest, no low-cut or revealing tops, no tops with spaghetti straps, and no short shorts. Shirts should have no questionable language on front or back.

· Personal items

This includes toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, soap, deodorant, and any other personal care needs.  Look for items that do not list alcohol as an ingredient.  Aerosol cans, sharp items, and any items containing alcohol will be kept in the nurses' station to be used on a check-out basis only.  You are also encouraged to bring shower shoes.

· Contact information

This includes mailing address and telephone numbers if possible, for anyone who may need to be contacted during your stay at New Life Treatment Center.  This could include probation officers, case workers, counselors, lawyers, and physicians.

· Personal Information

Social Security number as well as insurance card if applicable.

· Cash

You may want to bring rolls of quarters for coin operated wash machines and dryers.  Our vending machines will take quarters and $1 bills. Please do not bring bills larger than $20.00.  We do not have a bank nearby and we do not have an ATM at New Life.  We are unable to process EBT cards.

· Padlock

You may be issued a small locker to secure some of your personal items if you wish  You will need to bring your own padlock.

· Phone card

After 5 days, you can make outside calls and will need a phone card to use our phones. If you do not have one, you should purchase one before you come to treatment.  Cards are not available here.

· Medication

Any medications you currently take should be brought with you, in the original containers.  We are required to destroy any medications not in their original containers.  Bring a sufficient supply to cover your stay at New Life Treatment Center.

· Cigarettes

If you smoke, please bring a carton of cigarettes or enough to last until a family member can bring you more.  There is no place for clients to purchase cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes are not allowed at New Life Treatment Center.

Items supplied by New Life Treatment Center:

· Laundry Detergent
· Towels & washcloths
· Bedding
· Clock radio

Items not allowed:

· Cell phones
· CD players, keyboards, guitars, etc.
· Boom boxes
· Laptop computers, e-readers, or other electronic devices
- Electronic Cigarettes